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As a highly-trained infertility specialist, the doctor and staff at RRC offer an unprecedented experience base to treat infertility issues. Utilizing the best possible treatment and technology, RRC has helped with over 10,000 births to date and through IVF treatment alone – over 4,400 births.

RRC is a privately-held clinic, where the doctor has complete control over the practice, allowing her to focus solely on patient care. Our clinic provides a complete portfolio of infertility services and treatments. For those individuals or families who are seeking responsible fertility treatment, our CAP Accredited IVF lab offers high pregnancy and low multiple birth rates.

If you wish to start a family or grow your existing family, please contact us today.


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How Many IVF Cycles Should I Plan For?

In addition to the emotional trials and tribulations associated with IVF cycles, there is the hefty price tag to consider. For this reason, most couples want to know how many IFV treatment cycles they should plan for before they will have pregnancy success. Well, after a recent publication in the...